Sinicline Enterprise is a group corporate, which has several subsidiary branches worldwide. The headquarter is located in Wuhan, China. Main business is to offer integrated packaging solution for global fashion brands, cosmetic brands and food brands, and provide one-stop service from design, production to distribution for clients. Nowadays, the brands we cooperated with have been throughout decades of countries and areas, in which from world top retailers.

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  • Destination Brand

    Hawaii Destination Brand is a company who mainly provides design and development of gifts for the hotel. The demand of products is ...


    Dating back to 2006, one of our customer in Denmark, brandingINTOWN, then prepared to make some reforms in their brand and change t...

  • The Outhwaite Pets

    Established over sixteen years ago, Outhwaite engaged in pet accessories development and production.Last year, Outhwaite contacted ...

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