In 2013, RVLT, which is the clothing brand in Denmark, has cooperated with our company for a long-time. It wanted our company to develop a new display box together to increase their brand value.

At the beginning of the development, the designer from RVLT has not given more information about the box except the using and logo design. As RVLT brand positioning is the customers around 20 to 30 year-old man, and clothing style is casual tone, we recommended the Kraft paper for box to fit the brand style, also draft the outline of box. RVLT was satisfied our preparation and put their brand on our draft artwork.

During the process of sampling, there was new question: since the size of the box is relatively large, in order to ensure a more tight shape on product, we recommended that choose a bit heavy weight cardboard for sampling. But maybe taken into the cost, RVLT respond to this box only for branding display in the shops and was not going to carry anything, Kraft paper 350gsm was sufficient for them. In that case, we did go ahead with proceeding sample for RVLT. Material purchased, printed, died cut to shape, everything went smoothly. The sample was completed and has been sent to RVLT, but they found the effect was not very good after the box folded, even some place has collapsed. Then, RVLT adopted our suggestion to make it in more heavy cardboard. Finally, RVLT appreciated and recognized our suggestion and new sample!

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