GM by Gai Mattiolo

In 2013, Italy brand “GM by Gai Mattiolo” changed the packaging and logo design according to the new style in that season, and asked us to develop and produce the samples and mass production.

This trademark is composed of grosgrain ribbon and metal label, and these two materials are with different characteristics. So in the process we experimented with many kinds of methods to meet the effect of “GM by Gai Mattiolo”. At first we used 3M glue in the back of the metal label, and then stuck it to the ribbon directly, but because the ribbon surface is not smooth, so the metal label cannot be well adhered to the ribbon. We tried to use many different glues, used the high temperature to fix the metal label on the ribbon, but the glue always overflow to the metal label in the high temperature. It results a high defective rate, and raised the production cost. It is not cost-effective to the customer.

After the communication with our technician, we decided to change the technics. Use gold foil stamping to replace sticking metal label, to matched the final effect of “GM by Gai Mattiolo”. It is not only improves the production efficiency, and reduced the cost. After received the samples, “GM by Gai Mattiolo” felt very satisfied with our samples, and place the mass order immediately.

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