Sky Luxury Corp.

Sky Luxury Corp. is a high-end women apparel manufacturer and seller located in Los Angeles, US. Its brand mission is to deliver the message of “Easy, Beauty and Style” to a broad spectrum of women.

In October 2012, Sky Luxury Corp. prepared to launch their new women apparels, so they need us to develop a set of hangtag with plastic seal tag. The hangtag is based on simple white base, with black and gold foil stamping logo to highlight their brand. As the hangtag is two colored foil stamping, plastic seal tag was required to be two colored foiling, as well. The plastic seal tag is mould injection products; the production process and technique are quite different from paper printing products. As the brand logo is the word “sky” with an oval on top, the space between them is too narrow to make mould and foil stamping plate.

Our professional artisan suggested to enlarge the size of seal tag, and increased the space to insure the logo can be foiling with two colors. At first, they did know little about technique of mould injection products, they thought it was unacceptable. Through long time communication with Sky, we explained each detailed process of production technique to the customer. Also we knew well about Sky’s idea and what they need. After our designer and artisan discussed together, they suggested to change the logo to be black foiling based on original size. In this way, the seal tag not only matched well with hangtag but also accord with Sky’s mission of “Easy & Beauty”, and we saved much cost for them. Finally, Sky Luxury Corp. appreciated and was satisfied with our new suggestion & samples, they ordered 100,000units tags from us.

Till now, Sky Luxury Corp. has been our long-term strategic partner, we have developed many more accessories for their brand such as inviting envelop, printed satin tape, tissue paper and shipping bags etc..

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