Sinicline has been focusing on providing high quality garment accessories for over a decade; we are the reliable partner of many brands. Among them, Singaporean Children outfit brand is our customer. We have built profound friend and long-term business relationship between us through years of communication. Elly is a fashion brand for Children which is founded in 2009, their brand position is beauty, utility, funny and unique. There were some stories between us at the beginning of our cooperation.

The customer wanted to make satin labels, as this material is very soft. I found there are many alphabets which need to be weaved on the material, in our experience; it looks dotty on the satin material to print so many letters. And the logo will be unclear, we suggested the customer to choose woven taffeta labels which would look much better. As the target customers of Elly are Children, she insisted to use satin label. When she decided to go ahead with samples, we arranged both satin and high density taffeta labels. After the samples were finished, the customer compared the effects gave up satin labels. But she didn’t like taffeta labels as well. We tried many times and made different taffeta samples for her approval. Finally, there was a textured taffeta which looked beautiful and felt soft. Finally, she applied this one for the garments. Actually, high desist taffeta labels are very soft and suitable for the delicate skin of children. Since then, our cooperation went on smoothly; they always take our advice for reference. Its brand is growing gradually as well, hope it will have a bright future for the coming years.

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