Dating back to 2006, one of our customer in Denmark, branding ’INTOWN’, then prepared to make some reforms in their brand and change the logo, planning to develop the whole new set of garment accessories at the same time. We know that the customer groups of its brand are young women aged around 30; its garments are of a typical Nordic style which is blooming with the spirit of simplicity, freedom and elegance. However, the original logo looked very serious in printing style which didn’t match the brand well. Therefore, they changed it into a handwriting style which can fully embody the connotation of the brand.

Our company, as a long-term strategic partner of INTOWN, was invited to participate in the whole process of designing and developing of new garment accessories.

The background of main hangtag is beige, and the logo is in brown color on which the crystal UV effect looks obvious. As the outline of the new logo is very thin and irregular, it’s difficult to add UV effect on the surface of it. Finally, our technician achieved satisfactory results through repeated research and attempt.

For the main label, we recommended them to choose the fabric with texture which can reflect the lingering emotions of women. The handwriting brown color was weaved on the base clearly, which makes it elegant and full of female charisma.

Regarding the material, we recommended them to apply satin ribbon with metal eyelet together. This kind of arrangement couples hardness with softness perfectly, the whole design reflects the connotation of the new logo accurately and wonderfully.

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